Opinions on HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw

My 10 years old printer just broke down and as the display is already not working I will not try to repair it. And therefore a new printer is needed. I print around 4000 pages a year and I am looking for a color laser printer, with dual printing capabilities. Wirecutter recommends HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw. The 4 Best Laser Printers of 2023 | Reviews by Wirecutter
I don’t know this printer and I have no experience with HP printers at all. Any opinions on this particular printer?
Ventura is not mentioned under the supported operative systems. Is that of importance?
Best regards, Per

I have a 5 year plus year old M452dn. Its been rock solid. It’s probably a bit too big for my home. My next printer will be smaller like the M255 and have wireless although it appears that Airprint doesn’t need to be supported now as I can print from my mobile devices just fine over the network …must be underlaying CUPS support.

Don’t have experience with HP’s laser printers. But we have 2 from Brother and they are excellent.

I have this model. I bought it about three years ago. It was the first laser printer I’d ever bought, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to except a long line of inkjets.

I don’t print anywhere near 4,000 pages a year. If I’m reading the device’s report correctly, I have printed about 1,700 pages since I bought it.

It has been very reliable, and I’ve had no complaints about print quality. I would absolutely buy it again.

I bought a M255DW over a year ago when my 10+ year old Xerox gave up the ghost. The HP does great for text and line drawings but photos are mediocre like most color lasers. Haven’t had any jams or paper misfeeds. The original toner cartridges have been show low toner for months but it’s still printing fine. My printing load is light as I try to maintain a paperless lifestyle.