Opting for Series 7 Rather than Series 8

I ordered a Series 8 but after some more thought it may make more sense for me to buy a Series 7; the temperature sensor is meant for women, and the crash detection doesn’t seem like a reason to pay more.

Has anyone found new Series 7 41mm cellular watches that are discounted now that the Series 8 has been announced?

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I had the same thought. Besides I really liked the blue Series 7 that is no longer available in Series 8. But as far as I can tell, any remaining stock of new (unopened/not refurbished) Series 7 watches are all still listed at full price.

I ordered the Series 8 GPS but might return and keep my Series 7 GPS + cellular. The watch and the 14PM arrive next week.

Usually a few weeks after the release of the new devices, the refurb store fills up on Apple.com. I think I’ll also get a blue Series 7. I think they’re selling for $319 compared to $429 for the Series 8.

Though my Series 3 still works and does what I need it to do… Hmm…