Orbi RBK50 and USB connections (printer and HDD)

Hi All,

I’ve upgraded my Apple Airport Extreme (AAE) to a Orbi (RBK50) mesh system. I’m using it as an Access Point linked to my BT Hub5.

So far so good, apart for the USB connections.

It was very easy to connect my printer (Canon Pixma MG3550) and my WD Elements HDD to the AAE and used them through wi-fi on my Macbook Air.

However, I can’t figure it out now how to do the same with the Orbi.

Also, when I click on “Network -> Orbi” on my Macbook Air, I see “ReadyShare”. Is this a protocol that I have to use? Do I need to enable it somewhere? will this resolve the issues?

Thanks so much for shedding any light.

PS - Also, feel free to shout if you think using the Orbi as an AP is a waste and I should have it as a router too :grinning:

I have an Orbi and have found the router very good - much better coverage across the house. My Canon printer connected without problem onto the wifi and I can print the same way as I did with my Airport Extreme. I think you need to download https://www.netgear.com/support/product/ReadySHARE_USB_Printer.aspx to get it to work if it does not connect automatically as mine did…

I’ve been using an Orbi for a couple of years and love it! Do you not run into the Double NAT issue when using it as an AP?