Ordering payment cards in Apple Watch Wallet

I have lived overseas for a long time and ended up having more bank accounts than I want. For the convenience of course all cards are loaded in Apple Wallet and nicely ordered in the frequency of use on the phone.

On the Apple Watch however, there is no easy way of ordering cards in a similar order. Depending on which country I am in, I change the default card to a local one. When I noticed Apple places the default card on top of the stack, I tried cycling my default cards in reverse order to how I wanted them to show.

After some fiddling it actually worked. Key is to open the wallet on the Apple Watch and see the “new” default card selected in the Watch app on the iPhone appear in front of the previous one and swipe down to bring it to the front before selecting the next default card.

When you do this in reverse order as to how you want them to appear all cards will be neatly sorted the way you want them. Finally have my personal and business cards grouped!

Hope Apple sorts out this basic functionality in WatchOS soon. It works on the phone so why not on the watch…

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My shiny new card order held up for a day and something shuffled the deck, now to no particular order.

Back to square one. Why is it so difficult to have cards ordered the way you want them?

How annoying! Does the watch pick up the ordering from the Wallet app on the iPhone?