Ordering prints from Photos application

In the past we could order prints, photo books etc directly from iPhoto.

I am looking for a plugin for Photos.app to order prints online without having to export first and upload to the printing company’s website.

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Check out Order professional prints of your photos in Photos on Mac - Apple Support

Thanks but the question is what application from what online print service to use?

I’ve ordered photo books from Mimeo (using the Photos app) for many years and have always been happy. I’ve not used them for prints though.

So they have a plugin to seamlessly order from Photos on your Mac ?

I’ve ordered photo albums from Motif Photos. Cannot exactly remember the process, but I think there was an AppStore app download involved.

I went to Mimeo website and only found plugins and other apps for editing and book layout. Not to order prints straight from Photos.

‎Mimeo Photos on the Mac App Store Is what you’re looking for.


You guys are fancy. I just use the Photo Print app for Walgreens.

I could not find it. Will look again

We do too! I’ve used Mimeo for a couple of other projects, though. I’ve been happy with them.

Printicular is also a good one.

I usually only print out disney photos so I don’t use it for heavyweight stuff.