Organising spaces

I want to create 5 spaces and launch two apps on each space. Can this be done with a single keystroke ?

Keyboard Maestro with Moom could do this I think

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neither KM or Moom helps to create a SPACE, so how can I do this ?

I created multiple spaces when I buy my Macs. I don’t ‘create’ a pace on the fly - they simply exist and persist.

I also configure apps in the dock to open only in a specific space.

It’s then trivial to use Keyboard Maestro to launch whatever app(s) I want with a command, and they’ll automatically populate in their assigned spaces.


Create the spaces, appoint apps to the space as @bowline illustrated, take a moom snapshot and recall it from KM when needed. That’s how I usually do this kind of thing.

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Yes, and you don’t have to keep apps in the Dock; you can just configure each app from the Dock when open in whichever Space you prefer.

(That trick with Moom is very clever - I never thought of doing that!)

What about

Two questions.

  1. I have Moom and I take snapshots, but they don’t seem to put all the windows where they are supposed to go. It puts some windows in the right places. Others it seems to ignore. I have my MBP connected to two external monitors and apps strewn across all over them. I took the snapshot after positioning the apps and then I select it when I’m ready. It moves some apps into the right places but others it ignores. And this does not seem to be related to ignoring obstructed windows. Any idea if I’m doing something wrong?

  2. Are you saying that Moom will create the appropriate spaces (if they are not “open”) when you select the snapshot, or do you have to have the spaces open already?

Wait, what? I have Moom - but seemed to have missed the ‘snapshot’ feature? Or is this referring to KM functionality?

It’s moom. Click the menu bar app and the first entry should be “Save Window Layout Snapshot.”

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I had never paid much attention to that feature - had a look now, and see how it can be very useful!

Thanks to you and @JKoopmans for the assistance/suggestion!