Organizing Bookmarks

I’ve realized my bookmarks are a mess. How do people organize their bookmarks? I also use Safari mainly but have bookmark overlap in Chrome to some extent too. I’m considering a couple options:

  1. Manually deleting ones I don’t need.
  2. Sending then all to DevonThink and just having a couple key bookmarks (not sure how to do this).
  3. Admit failure and keep the mess.

Aside from #3, if anyone has some help or solutions (tissues optional) it would be greatly appreciated.


I use a program called BookMacSter to control all of my bookmarks, but once you have things tidied up then I would suggest SyncMarks from the same company to sync things between Safari and Chrome.

I have two categories of bookmarks: those I want to click on, and those I want available when I type in the address bar (essentially to improve my search suggestions). The first sort all live in my bookmarks bar which makes them easy to access, and I have a few folders:

  • Social, forums I visit regularly, etc.
  • Bookmarklets
  • Reading List, links to various sections of Pinboard and bookmarklets related to just my reading list.
  • Easy Access, things like TripIt, my router’s admin page, the weather, etc.
  • Studying, anything to do with my degree program.
  • Bookmarks, everything else.

I almost never open the last folder - but I keep my bookmarks all in one place so that’s where it ends up.

I’d personally suggest you move everything exactly as it is into one folder, and then play around with a few other setups and figure out what works for you, and then you can have a reoccurring task to “clean up 5 old bookmarks” until you’re done :slight_smile:


I currently have a mess of bookmarks myself, I am strongly thinking of removing them all, (I already know the sites I will go to regularly anyway) and then only using bookmarks for short term projects, with an Omni focus task to clear it out regularly

@RosemaryOrchard, I like your categories for bookmarks you’ve used. I actually have sort of taken @Lars approach. What I first did is import my bookmarks into my DevonThink personal database. This was easier to manage and I can tag stuff too. I’ll drill down what’s needed and then re-add them in Safari. I went ahead and deleted all bookmarks in Safari except for this forum. I’m sure I’ll have a couple more in the next couple days to add. That’s what I’d recommend doing. I found out I had over 1000 bookmarks, many that aren’t useful or needed. Hoping to get that to 100 or less.

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I have some sites in my bookmar bar in safari, and some in chrome. Everything else I have in pinboard for when I need it. A very light bookmark setup I think works best for me.

I have tried several ways to sync my bookmarks.
I finally came to a solution: Google Chrome.
I keep my bookmarks there, then I only use Chrome in my: iPhone, Android device, Mac, PC and iPad
They are synced and no worries.
By the way I do have two addons: Supersorter (Clean up your bookmark mess! Sort bookmarks recursively, delete duplicates, merge folders, sort automatically, etc.) and Bookmark Manager (for when I am adding the new bookmarks)

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What’s the price of those apps?

Thanks all for the insights, I think I found a solution that I detailed above, much appreciated.

Thanks, @RosemaryOrchard! I’ve never heard of these apps. I was thinking about using DTPO, as mentioned above (and that idea still appeals to me), but I think I’m going to try BookMacster, but I’m curious: the website for BookMacster shows that it does all the work as the smaller, more focused apps. Why do you use Synkmark? I don’t see anything on the developer’s site showing that it does something else or differently than BookMacster.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

I don’t use SyncMark, I use BookMacster - the question is always if you need all the features of the big app, or if the smaller app would work. (I recommended SyncMarks to Johnathon because it seemed like he just wanted to sync between Safari and Chrome.)

Ahhh…gotchya. Thanks. I thought you were suggesting he use the one for the big overhaul and then use the other post cleanup for maintenance.

I’m excited to download and play with BookMacster! My bookmarks are a hot mess—which I let spill over onto Pinboard. Je m’accuse! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m in the same process right now, deleting hundreds of bookmarks from Safari on my iPad Pro that have just migrated from years of careless computer-use.

Bookmarks in Safari were good for when I didn’t know what RSS was, wasn’t using Twitter, but actually checking websites manually at whatever of the day that suited me.

I don’t really see what use I have for bookmarks today. I have notifications from apps on my iPad and iPhone, I have RSS and Twitter and Facebook.

I have bookmark folders in Safari Favorites which are more like a collection of sites that I may need to access regarding work, education, finances and things that I attend in the city and keep tabs on. Oh, and then the WhatsApp-web site, which I use to reply to WhatsApp-messages from the Smart Keyboard instead of the software keyboard on the iPhone.

But I really don’t see what use bookmarks are today for me, anyone else? The only idea is that I can keep folders that represent different presences of my life like work, personal, finances etc. Having those together in a folder helps me to access them when I need them.

Just some thoughts

I can’t imagine not using bookmarks. They are critical for me. I always show the favorites bar in Safari and I have a bunch of folders that hold bookmarks related to specific things. When I am researching or browsing I’ll save bookmarks to a folder called inbox that I try to clean out once a month. I have experimented with putting some interesting but not critical bookmarks into DEVONThink rich text notes with the notes corresponding to projects, or ares of interest so I can find them again. That works well but does take more maint. than I like to do.

Big advantage is ease of use. For example, I have a bunch of weather sites that I like to look at ever morning first thing to help plan my day. I can right click and open them all into tabs easily as they are bookmarks. Ditto for the news sites I review once or twice a day. Our own web sites or those that I have to do admin stuff for are in a separate favorites folder. I have other folders by subject area including finances, farm, sheep, computer, webcams, and more. They are convenient and easy to access that way and the links rarely change.

RSS just has never worked for me. I don’t want to see all those sites updated at once. I only care about going to them when I choose to.

Likewise I hate notifications, I want to be in control of when and how much time I see stuff so I don’t have them on even for twitter or any other accounts or places.

So for me bookmarks are an important way to limit what and how much internet surfing I do.


Bookmark Manager- for me

  1. Satiates my OCD nature
  2. Reduces my reliance on Read It Later services for retrieving of data
  3. Makes bouncing around Web Browsers easier.

I initially tried BookMacster but the non-standard Mac UI has made me switch to URL Manager Pro.

I’ve got few complaints so far. I like having a central Repository that makes adding Bookmark easy and makes searching for them even easier

I use bookmarks as checklists of sites I want to be sure to check regularly, such as the notifications pages for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, here, etc. I don’t to receive notifications for those on my phone or elsewhere, I just want to check them when I’m ready.

My Bookmarks Great White Whale would be an app that organized the bookmarks in order of most-recently-accessed and that ran on the iPad, iPhone and Mac. DevonThink might work, but then DT becomes my default browser and I don’t want that.


All good points. I guess my nature is that I want to be notified of something. I don’t go look at it myself, except when scrolling through twitter and opening Reeder. Thanks for your input

I use pinned tabs for this. Speaking of which, why can’t we have pinned tabs on Safari/iPadOS?

But I use bookmarks too, for pages I want for various kinds of reference. I’m pretty ruthless about keeping their numbers down, though.

I use pinned folders in the Bookmarks-bar, which has the additional advantage of being able to open all URLs contained in a folder with Command-Click.


In Safari? Or in Brave?

Everywhere. Brave, Chrome, Safari. I have a folder just for Javascript bookmarklets (KillSticky, make TinyURL, GoogleTranslate, and more), and then folders for groups of sites or subjects I visit regularly and/or want to open en masse (eg fave user pages on Twitter/Mastodon or Reddit, direct links to individual Amazon wishlists, etc)

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