Organizing Siri Shortcuts with Launcher app

I’m still going through @MacSparky’s Siri Shortcuts field guide. It’s been so helpful.

But as Siri Shortcuts users know, organizing is not that great. At least from what I can tell. Then I was wondering, is it possible to use the Launcher (pro) app (not Launch Center Pro) to house Siri Shortcuts? Let’s say I have multiple messaging shortcuts. Can I put them all in a Launcher widget? If so, how does one create a launcher for a specific shortcut?

Hell, if this can be done, I would probably get rid most of my today widgets and just have multiple launcher widgets.

Can be done. I’m working on the 1.1 update to the SSFG that will address this. You can also make Siri Shortcuts to launch Siri Shortcuts so you can make a “directory” style shortcut to launch other shortcuts. I’ll demonstrate in 1.1.


+47. However, I’m taking a point away for every day I have to wait for this update. But I’ll cap the subtractions at 2 days.

I think we should reopen this thread now that Widgets is upon us.

Just recently I installed the Launcher widget that gives you up to 21 spots where normally you could fit 8. Actually on iPhone I have 2 of these in a stack.

This, for me, counterbalances the enormous screen real estate widgets seem to take up.

And, to relate to the Shortcuts question originally posed, this would be a better launching platform for them than the wasteful Shortcuts widget.

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