Original Packaging?

Does anyone here keep all their original packaging for their tech?

iPhones, iPads, Macs, Monitors, Network Equipment (Unifi), Podcast Equipment, Consoles, Accessories, etc

Usually the idea is anticipation of resale and upgrade. But if the item doesn’t sell, and you upgrade anyway.

At which point, do you say…time for recycle?

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Guilty. I still have too many boxes on top of our kitchen cabinets even after some gentle pleading to remove them. :slight_smile:

Adding a “throw out if after [date]” label (usually the end of the return date window) has helped because anyone who comes across expired packaging becomes authorized to bin it.

I keep them for a while. My iMac Pro box is in the attic. Kept MacBook Pro boxes for years, but there’s really no need, and I don’t now. Phone boxes I don’t keep more than a month or so.

My friend returned something and the salesdrone at the store gave her grief for not keeping the box. My friend said, “Well if I’d known it was a piece of crap, I would have.”

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One month, then the packaging is gone. I tend to use products until they are worn out, or obsolete, so resale isn’t a issue for me.

I save packaging for all of our tech stuff indefinitely. I think that dates from when I was moving often for school and work. We’ve been our current house over a decade now and it’s feeling like it’s time to give it up for all but the biggest pieces.

The only time I’ve actually found it useful (outside of moving) is when I’m selling camera equipment. Camera/lens resellers seem to appreciate the original packaging along with all the little accessories. The computer tech here (phones, laptops, …) tends to get used until it’s so obsolete that I can’t even donate it.

Yep. Even down to my AirPods and Powerbeats pro.

I save boxes for anything I might need to ship for repair under warranty, or anything I might want to resell. So that includes boxes for my synths, Vitamix, Macs, cameras, and iOS devices, but not Powerbeats.

I just realized that my Audioengine computer speakers are now a little over two years old and out of (AmEx-extended) warranty, and since I have no intention of reselling them I’m going to toss out the box tomorrow.

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If it’s expensive (which is a judgement call) I keep the box with a copy of the receipt/invoice inside. This has saved my bacon more than once with warranty issues, and if I’m selling an old device I have appropriate packaging on hand for it.

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I do it as a sad reminder of how much money I spent on it :slight_smile:


I keep them in case I want to sell them on. Price for re-sale tends to be a little bit higher with the original box.

Before we bought a house I kept a lot of boxes to help with the (nearly annual) moving process. Less for the small stuff, but good for stuff like TV and monitors.

Yes…I keep a few in the basement storage room! I truly believe you do better selling when you include original packaging. And also an advantage if something has to be returned under warranty.