OS14 IPad Music Changes Driving me batty!

The new changes are driving me to distraction. Anyone might have any educated guesses as to why?

I have kept downloads to a sleek minimum as, while perhaps somewhat fascinating, I tend not to believe in the most change is for the better. But in computers it certainly seems to be has a tendency to require them. Not my field obviously, but very much an aficionado!

Anyway that’s not why- two of my major devices are stuck with some older software (which I noticed tonight had been updated eg, Reminders, and my pal Siri… LOL! I was using my newish iPad mini! My mistake! I get to keep my friendly Siri!) Sorry about that, Chief!

I do have two newer devices, not counting the Watch. I do have a lot of albums (nothing extreme), and most by far, are only semi-downloaded. They’re readily available but not downloaded.

Also I am having difficulty with generating playlists.

Just having a hard time with Music which I didn’t encounter in OS13.

If you happen to run across something simple or better still- For Dummies, I won’t mind a bit, teacher though I am! :wink: Also feel free to challenge me too.

I haven’t found ANYTHING at all, although I’ve just started. (I’ve had fun with the widgets though!)

Hei, I’m not sure what your problems are. If you are more precise on what the problems around generating playlists are, someone might know how to solve that.

I think you need to work on your English too, since these forums are in English even though many here are from other parts of the world (I’m from Germany for example).

Before that you might not get the help you seek here.

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I think the English is fine!

For the library downloads, I assume Automatic Downloads is checked in Settings -> Music?

For playlists, you should be able to tap New Playlist at the bottom of the left sidebar. You can also Add to Playlist… from a song and make a new one there that the song will go in.

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There is nothing wrong with my English. I will concede I was having a hard time getting to the point. I was not feeling well. So please excuse me for that. You might want to work on expressing yourself more subtly as to avoid hurting one’s feelings.

Yes, I got that and deleted the post. Sorry for that. Actually not sure why it still shows.

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No problem. Thanks for letting me know.