Oscar's Home/Office setup

I’m a graphic designer and I like to think I’m more productive at a coffee shop but the truth is that I enjoy working from home a lot more.

I few months ago I sold my maxed out 2015 27 inch iMac and I started using my 2016 15 inch MacBook Pro with an external monitor as my main work computer. It wasn’t long before I stared to realize how much I missed all of my ports and the convenience of not having to unplug anything back and forth on top of having to deal with so many dongles.

About four months ago I visited my local MicroCenter store and went to look at the brand new iMac Pro. To my surprise the base model, which is all I need, was on sale for $3,999 so I bought it.

I’m very happy with this computer. This is where I do most of my work, just looking at this beast makes me want to be more productive. And yes, I kept the MacBook Pro for those times when I have to meet clients at Starbucks. I tried using the iPad to show clients project progress but it just doesn’t cut it for me. I found myself always wanting to make edits (per client’s request) and I had to wait until I got home so I could use the Adobe apps.

I’m constantly changing my setup so I created an Instagram account where I post photos of whatever’s new at my home office.

2015 iMac

2016 MacBook Pro

2017 iMac Pro


Nice. A fellow VW fan.

Awesome. Those over-sized Post-it’s?

Not often you see Macs at over 20% discount for current models… Is the iMac Pro selling that poorly?

Beautiful set up. However… you have on office with 3 different desks and setups?

I’m glad someone noticed!

No, it’s probably just the angle.

No, I experimented with these setups for 6 months. The last photo shows my current setup.

Nice setup, where did you purchase the note holder?

It’s a Post-It product and got it from Evernote’s website but you can still get it from Amazon.

Do I see a couple of Panobooks in the second pic?

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That is correct! I got them when they were running their kickstarter campaign. I love them.

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I backed the campaign and got a few as well. Problem is they’re so nice I’m reluctant to use them!