OT: Battery Pack for Car Jump Starts

A bit off-topic, but I’m looking for a good battery pack. In this instance, I’m less interested in charging my phone and more interested in a battery to leave in my car in case I need a Jump Start.

I’m sure someone here will have a good recommendation. I live in North Carolina, not North Dakota, if that makes a difference. In other words, cold winters, but not often sub-zero.


I lived in Charlotte for 20 years, love NC!

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I just went through this and ended up buying this Aukey starter:

Aukey is currently banned from Amazon for review fraud, but they’re a good manufacturer.

It can handle being stored in the car in prolonged subzero periods as well as hot Texas summers, so you’d be fine. Just top off the charge once or twice a year.

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I got this one in February of last year to jump start a vehicle that does not run often enough to stay fully charged.
Very simple and very safe to operate. Super convenient vs jumper cables.

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I bought this one and it has worked fine the two times I’ve needed it.

Reviews were good and the cost was low.

I’ll second the tacklife one. I’ve got one and it has worked fine the 4 times I’ve used it.

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Thanks everyone. I looked at the ones shared here (and a hundred more). I ultimately decided on the TackLife T8 Pro (Green) for $93.

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I bought a GB50 two years ago and have used it twice, on sub freezing mornings. I’ve been pleased with it so far.

When I had a dead battery last fall I got this one. Started my car right up:

I know Costco was selling one. I don’t remember the brand it was, but I was surprised how small it was. Last time I used one they were the big ones. Didn’t realize they make them so small now.

The old ones used lead-acid batteries, really just sealed car batteries. The new ones use the far more compact lithium-ion batteries (like those used in notebook computers or electric cars).

Few thoughts on this for anybody reading in the future: a lead acid 12V maintenance charger is significantly cheaper and better for the vehicle battery if you’re able to keep one hooked up to a car that’s in medium term storage.

If a vehicle is outside you can also chuck a solar panel onto it (so long as you have a <$10 solar charge controller regulating it). We did that with our boat launching vehicle (that was used for 3 minutes at a time multiple times a week) with quite a bit of success.

Finally, make sure the lithium ion jump starter is rated for enough oomph (in CCA) to start your particular vehicle. They’ll do the job if they’re only slightly underpowered, or the vehicle isn’t totally flat though.