OT: Identity Theft Protection

Good afternoon friends. I’ve been using LifeLock through an employer offering for many years. With recent change in employment status, this benefit is no longer available to me.

I’m curious to learn what others here are doing. I’m not sure if I want to begin a family subscription to LifeLock, pursue an alternate solution, or do nothing.

FWIW, I’m not interested in the virus protection software offering from LifeLock nor am I that interested in credit monitoring. My primary interest is identify theft protection.

thoughts? thanks – jay

You might see what options your homeowners insurance offers.

If you’ve been using an identity theft alert service for several years, has it proven worthwhile? I have the TrueIdentity service, paid for by a client who was hit with major data loss affecting all their employees and consultants. In the five years my account at that service has been active, I receive weekly “no problems” reports. So, I wonder if there’s actually a value to such services – the one I have is just “monitoring”, not doing anything proactive.

We had one for several years following the Home Depot breach and, like @anon41602260, I wasn’t sure they were doing anything except (maybe) monitoring our credit. You can do that yourself, which is what I do now.

One bit of advice I can give is to guard your email account, because if it’s hacked it’s pretty much “game over”.

Credit freeze. Not hard, extremely effective