OT Last 747 Delivery flight

Really cool flightpath easter egg for the last Boeing 747 to be delivered.

Last 747 Delivery


Cool. Thanks for sharing.

I am still not convinced, that this was really the last delivery of a 747…

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Boeing seems to think it is.


The U.S. President doesn’t have his new birds yet but they are VC-25Bs, not 747s.


They’re still the 747 airframe. They were built over a decade ago as 747-8Is (for a Russian customer that went out of business before taking delivery) and are being refit as VC-25Bs.

Technically it is “delivery of the last 747 built”.

Yes, I know. And a Lockheed L-100 and a C-130 use the same basic airframe but one is not the other. The manufacturer says it was the last 747. That’s good enough for me.

VC-25B is only a US-Military Code for the 747, that are no different Models!

The Size of a 747 will also be necessary in the future for certain special needs, and there is no market for a complete new development.
So it was not the last 747 that has been build for sure.
Within the Aviation Industry there are a lot of uncertainties, but one think is always true:
“Those declared dead live longer”… :wink: