OT: Ted Lasso, David Smith and *those* cookies

I know I know this is wildly off-topic for an MPU forum but I finally got around to baking those biscuits/cookies from Ted Lasso that _Smith tracked down after the Apple Event. They are outrageous. The quantity of butter is mind boggling (more than 0.5kg), and they are so heavy. But the taste … mamma mia! Thought you’d enjoy a photo.

If any of you are close to SW London pop on over and I’m happy to share.


Boy oh boy does that look good with a cup of coffee!!!

Do you have the recipe? London is a bit far for me. :slight_smile:


(Should have included in OP). As I say, that quantity of butter ain’t for the feint-hearted (or for those worried about arteries).

Thanks! I’ll have to skip two meals and run my four miles but based on your recommendation I’m sure it will be worth it. :slight_smile:

That IS a lot of butter! :slight_smile:

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Am I correct, this is the recipe? Bittersweet Brownie Shortbread Recipe - NYT Cooking
I want to download it into the Paprika app which I can’t do from the blog.

That’s the one. 20 xers

T’hanks, now downloaded to Paprika. :slight_smile: :yum:

Ah, yes - shortbread. Nature’s way of ensuring you eat plenty of butter


Cookies are always on topic and appropriate. It is the way.


That made me laugh! Can’t wait for the next season of the Mandalorian. :slight_smile:

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Holy moly. RIP. :butter: :butter: :butter: :butter: :butter:

It is known.


Here is hoping that my daily 4 mile run will permit one binge. :running_man:‍♂:grin:

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We’ve made these twice now (without the brownie part) and they are a hit.