OT: Wasabi for cloud storage?

Somewhat off topic question. I have been using BackBlaze and ARQ as my cloud storage providers. ARQ creates its archives in BackBlaze B2.

It seems that Wasabi is an alternative cloud provider, and is slightly cheaper overall than B2. Not enough to necessary force a change, but worth checking into given the size of my cloud storage archive.

I know little about the company, however, and so wondered if anyone could provide information.


I tested Wasabi 12-18 months ago as a possible replacement for one of the online backup services I was using at that time. It uses the same S3 protocol as Amazon S3/Glacier so setting up Arqbackup was easy. Upload speed appeared faster than Amazon or Backblaze B2 but I didn’t actually measure it. I didn’t see the upload, pause, upload pattern that I occasionally noticed with Amazon which probably accounted for the perceived speed difference.

Most of the data I backup online is text and pdfs so my total is under 1TB. Wasabi had a 6$ (1TB) minimum charge, and Amazon/Backblaze B2 doesn’t. So, in my case I save a few $/month with my current setup.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

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What do the equivalent data restore costs look like?

Wasabi claims no charge for data retrieval.