Other outstanding Discourse forums?

I love this forum so much. Ever since it was set up, it has been an outstanding contribution to the MPU conversation of which I have been listening since 2011, and which has cost me thousands of $ and I don’t even mind that, that’s how much I love this forum and this podcast.

Even when I post dumb questions on here, like this one for ex, people are so nice and helpful. It’s amazing!

Made me wonder if there are awesome Discourse forums out there that you guys follow? Besides Automators, Drafts and Plex?

Because the podcast is great but the Discourse medium and forum and app is also really well constructed.


I do not know of any other community that is as “good” as this one. :slight_smile:

Keyboard Maestro has a useful Discourse forum.

Other mentions can be found over here:

The MPU community is the only one I really do visit regularly. :slight_smile:


OmniGroup also has a nice Discourse instance if you’re a user of their software.

If we’re talking in the macOS/iOS domain only, I think MPU is the only one that covers all the bases. I have one that’s focused on remote work-related productivity, but the other communities I’m aware of out there are largely closed and paid membership driven.


Of course don’t forget:


Amazing that the five that I frequent are the first five posted here.

A neat feature of Fig, by the way, is community discovery. I haven’t looked around yet but I’m planning on it:



There are dozens or hundreds of good Discourse forums at this point; what else are you into besides the Apple ecosystem? I really believe that every successful Discourse instance makes the Internet better.

If you like strategy gaming, movies and chill people (some Apple/productivity talk too), check out QT3.

The forum is about 20 years old and migrated everything to Discourse in 2018. One thing I like about this forum is how they keep topical discussion within meaty, long-running topics and encourage old threads to be bumped with new information. Great rainy-day reading.

P.S.: If anyone has the ear of Michael Hyatt, I would love for you to convince him that their Focus community would thrive on Discourse instead of a Facebook group!

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Thanks! I’m into a lot of stuff. Just haven’t found a repository for what’s on Discourse, except I just saw Fig posted here. But yeah Apple is a big deal. Classical music and opera and movies are another

Fig is a great app. have been using it for all discourse forums :slight_smile: it feels native on iOS.

Works well on iPad and supports split screen. Has iCloud sync… Dark mode.

All the good stuff :slight_smile:


If you are into games or books and movie discussion, https://forum.quartertothree.com is a pretty good place to hang out. People there are mature, kinda 40 plus years old and it’s a very civil place. Stay out of “Politics and Religion” subforum though, ha ha!


In the UK we have an awesome mobile phone operator (MVNO) that use one to discuss everything about how the network is run,

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I would be interested in your remote work Discourse. My wife and I own a company and moved it 100% remote 6 years ago. Always looking for good ideas on how to improve our situation.

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Check out effectiveremotework.com :slight_smile: We’re also launching a new podcast 2020-05-04T05:00:00Z on the topic!


I just did a podcast on remote work if you’re interested. It’s not promising any magical new techniques but is (hopefully!) an interesting talk with an old friend who has just finished her PhD on remote work and what makes it different from “regular” work.

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