Other task managers aside GoodTask that feed from reminders?

Hi there!

I’m giving Agenda a try, and I see it works creating tasks on the apple reminders app. Also, reminders is very helpful to add tasks on the go via Siri (considering my language is Spanish and not a lot of apps support Siri for it) to later process them.

So I was wondering if there other apps aside from GoodTask, that see what tasks that are on Reminders and let you do more things with them with another UI.


Things 3 has an integration that will automatically import tasks added via Siri to Reminders.


Thanks, I’ll download it :slight_smile:

OmniFocus has a method to import from Reminders. I used it for years before OF could natively use Siri. From reading the help page, it appears to be still working.


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I think Jvet’s wondering about apps that keep their data in Reminders or let you set Reminders using their UI (like \remind in Agenda.) Fantastical and BusyCal let you see your Reminders and use their natural language inputs to create them. I’m not coming up with much else but there must be some.

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Thanks! I think I will try busycal and tick tick. My main focus is to make time blocking easier by already using the reminders generated by Agenda. Maybe I’ll also give a shot to GoodTask (because agenda works with apple reminders) and then just use superplanner to time-block tasks over the day.

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IIRC it automatically deletes the reminder in reminders. That may not matter, but if you want to keep stuff in reminders as well it can be annoying.