Other users Storage

I just upgraded my Mac desktop with a 1TB SSD from OWC. Everything is running great. A few days later I discovered in system information that something called “Other Users” is occupying 750GB of storage space. I have no idea what this is? I did a clean install and have been reloading everything piece by piece for a fresh start. Any idea what this 750GB is and how to get rid of it?

On my system I find “Other Users” using much less - 215MB, but I’ve got 9GB in /Users other than my home folder. So I don’t know what they mean by “Other Users”.

Anyway it sounds like you have more than one user account and the one you aren’t using is occupying most of the drive. Check System Preferences → Users & Groups. But you may need something that shows exactly what is on your drive and how much space it is taking. Many possibilities here, but I happen to like the free Disk Inventory X

I did a restart and ran daisy disk. Opened “about this Mac” and it shows 706GB available now. If you click manage tab, it lists 711GB as Other Users (shaded out). Daisy Disk show that the drive has 711GB of free space. What the heck is Apple calling Other Users?

Is there anything weird showing up in Disk Utility? Seems strange if you did a clean install.

Apparently it could be third party software.

Disk Utility show the SSD and the SSD - Data. Both with the same amount of Free space. Now when I open About This Mac and look in storage, it lists correct free storage. However, if you check Manage, it stills lists over 200GB as Other Users. Maybe there is nothing to worry about?