Ouisuamprert malware warning

One of the Macs in our house is showing a frequent error message:

Image 7-25-23 at 11.21 AM

The message appears in the upper right corner, where standard Mac notifications (for messages, etc.) appear.

Because I am foolhardy, I clicked the message and Safari took me to the website ouisuamprert dot com (I’m obfuscating the address a bit because it is malware obvs).

Google tells me this is a known malware website, but doesn’t provide any good tips on how to resolve this problem.

What’s the fix here, please? Thanks!

I cleaned a similar one up for a friend a few days ago… Try going to Safari > settings> Websites > Notifications… You should see the offending website there - the icon should be the giveaway.


As suggested in the earlier post, you have notifications for a website turned on which is why it’s pestering you to lure you into a classic ‘antivirus’ scam. Turn these off, and do not accept notifications from websites you do not trust (or need notifications for).

Switching off notifications worked – and I’m surprised that I didn’t think about myself! Thanks, @dukelajolla !

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