Our subscription costs may be higher than we think

Passing this along as it might be of interest or help to others.


My problem when calcuating Sub costs is I tend to just focus on what is listed in my “AppStore Subscription” list.

I forget about SkillShare, Envato, Adobe, Usenet, etc.

I don’t pay for TV or any streaming service which is good. I get Netflix for free with my cel phone account but have not watched it since season 2 of La Reina del Sur (the real one).

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The article lists the Bobby app as one way to keep track. I’ve been using it for years to keep track of apps and other things like health insurance payments, paid email service, Amazon Prime, etc.

I set a reminder to notify me a few days before each payment is due, even the ones that are paid automatically.

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I use YNAB and have each subscription as a separate line item in a category called “Subscriptions”. Then I know exactly what I’m paying. Each time I buy a new subscription (even as a test), I make a line for it. Then I archive it if I cancel or don’t renew.

I agree that folk who aren’t nerdy with their finances could easily lose track of things.

(An irony in this for me is that YNAB itself is expensive. For now I’m happy paying the cost for the benefits I reap - their iOS support is excellent, much to the chagrin of their Android customers - but I will review when my next sub is due!)


I use subtrack app and after gathering all the ongoing subscription, I realise how much I spent and started cutting some


All you really need to track them is Numbers. Apple already sends you a reminder for app subs, and pretty much everything else that is annual does as well.

The monthly stuff I don’t need to do anything special because I see those charges each month so they are impossible to forget.

I find app subs make up a tiny part of my sub costs. Most of what I have are like $30 a year or so. I don’t include Adobe and Office and 365 in that, as those are everyday use software that are irreplaceable for me. My spreadsheet is really handy because I track all annual expenses (insurance, taxes, etc), divide the total by 12, and put that amount in a special savings account each month. Every month I remove the monthly sub amount from that account.

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Airtable is a useful way to track subscriptions if you already pay for it.

I’m in the same boat. I went through this exercise a while ago of tracking them all down and adding them up, and the apps were pretty low. Entertainment/services was much more, although still dwarfed by utilities & insurance! I’m going through the process now of switching homeowners insurance, and we’ll save more from that than all apps together.

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