Out of Application Memory M1 Pro/Max

New article this morning. Anyone experienced this yet?

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Since June.

Posted a link to the same article over in that other thread :slight_smile:

As I don’t use mail I’ve had no issues.

You all might have read the stories, but just in case:


According to some of those authors, this issue is not limited to the mentioned mouse pointer scenario. Apple seems to have issues with memory leakage since Big Sur. No matter, if it is an M1 or not…

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Just saw this tweet from @ismh

Not sure how many calendars in the app , I was really surpised to see that it consumed 259GB or RAM.

I’m constantly having this problem with mail, was 7GB today!

I hope we’re talking about a problem in the macOS beta release! No one mentions a version here that I can see…

I assume application memory is RAM as measured by Activity Monitor–be kind if I’m completely wrong :slightly_smiling_face: in my understanding. I just checked my system and here is what I show (M1 Max MBP) in Activity Monitor for Mail and Calendar. I have tens of thousands of emails and thousands of events. I’m having no issues.

That screenshot is from Monterey (with the Ventura wallpaper).

How long have those processess been running? Sometimes memory leaks only present themselves during specific usage patterns and only increase over time.

~ a week. I reboot all of my devices once a week early on Monday morning. A fresh start for the week for them and for me. :slightly_smiling_face: