Out-of-sync lifespans: hardware vs accessories

I encountered a first for me today and am trying to wrap my head around it. The smart keyboard for my 12.9" iPad Pro (1/2 generation style) appears to have died today. However, it was my lucky day since I was sitting in a mall waiting for my dog to get done at the vet so thought I would pop into the Apple store and replace it. Found that they no longer carry a comparable Smart Keyboard for this older configuration. Considering that my iPad still works amazingly well, can still be upgraded to the latest OS (running iPadOS beta), just seemed odd that an accessory that was such a highlight when I bought the iPad could not be had. Did find a refurbished keyboard on Amazon, but just seems odd that Apple would not carry a signature peripheral for hardware that for me likely has years of life left. Yes, there are tons of solutions for this problem (i.e. could have gone with a wireless keyboard). Just seems odd.

They usually only carry the accessories for the current generation hardware. Check their online store for availability.

Yeah, that was where I went first. They do list the keyboard (although I found it in the Apple Store using a Google search, not by navigating their online store) but they are “out of stock.” No indication that stock is coming, but I could be wrong.

I recently bought an open book keyboard on ebay for my 2nd gen iPad Pro (10.5). It is perfect and much cheaper than ordering through Apple.