Outbox iCloud email

I have some messages in my iCloud email, which continue to reappear on my iPad in Outgoing messages.

Some weeks ago I tried several times sending a large video file as maildrop through Mail on iPadOS on my iCloud email and it never was sent. And now it keeps reappearing in the outbox.

I have tried to send and delete to no avail. Restarting the iPad as well. I’m using an iPad Pro 2020 running the latest iPadOS iPadOS 16.1.

I also removed the iCloud account from the iPad and turned it on again and the issue reappeared.

There is nothing in the outbox on the iCloud website. Or on my other devices.

Anyone else ever experienced this? I was in touch with Apple Support 1st tier customer support. But I could just as well have asked the cat.

Hoping for any advice here.

No help, I’m afraid, but I’ve had problems with Mail and Maildrop.

Two recent attempts to send relatively small emails (70Mb or so) using maildrop stick sending. They eventually disappeared completely … not in drafts, outbox or sent. There seems to be issues with the service and/or the code that handles Maildrop within Mail. I’m going to stop using Maildrop and just create iCloud links manually. Shame, it’s a great idea.

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Could you send me your cat’s email address? We all need help sometimes.

Sorry guys!

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Same and is happening on my iPhone as well. Like yourself, when it happens there seems to be a glitch using maildrop/iCloud. Hopefully, it will get sorted.

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