Outgoing firewall for Mac OS

I read some reviews on Lulu as a outgoing firewall for the MAC. Lulu is open source and received quite good reviews as far as I have seen. Given the fact that MAC OS has a build/in firewall for incoming traffic but none for outgoing it might be a good idea to install LuLu. Any thoughts or experience on Lulu in the community?

I’m happy with Lulu. I would just install it and see if you like the aesthetic. Little Snitch is a better app if you want to spend more time filtering and examining traffic, and happens to be on sale now.

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I’m happy with little snitch and knows it has a big learning curve. I didn’t about lulu

Long time Little Snitch user and very happy with it.

I use Radio Silence for years now, and for me, it does what I want it to do.

I like scudo app:

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