Outline iPad App by Gorillized?

Has anyone in the MPU forums ever used Outline iPad App by Gorillized, or the MacOS version? It’s descriptions look very good in the App stores but it also looks like it has some bugs & hasn’t been updated in over 11 months (iPad version). Has anyone tried it? I’m trying to finally replace my Circus Ponies Notebook app & am looking for a replacement. Suggestions? Thanks!

I think I own or have used every outline app for the Mac … except this one and Outlinely. (That includes but is not limited to OmniOutliner, OutlineEdit, Cloud Outliner Pro, TaskPaper.)

That particular app did not appeal to me because I prefer something that (a) has an iPhone app and (b) is sufficiently cross-platform (importing/exporting OPML, text) so I’m not locked in. It fails on both counts.

And at $40 it was only $10 cheaper than OmniOutliner Pro (although this year they raised the price of that app to an untenable $100), but OO_Pro, which is my main outliner, does so much more and with years of development a much deeper and more powerful app. (And then they probably killed off all sales with that stupid price increase.)

Outlinely had so much promise. WikiLinks plus infinite depth in outlining, and a Ulysses-like UX. Too bad it’s abandonware… There’s a few bugs in the current version that made me not trust it, and I don’t think it’ll be updated again (based on a lack of response from the developer).

I agree about Outlinely’s potential. The dev wholesale-copied the UI of Dynalist.io (great service, but way too expensive at $96/year), which itself wasn’t a bad idea, but it appears to be one individual working on the app part-time. There were a flurry of updates last summer, then it stopped in the fall (when school began?). Pricing is a bit high ($40 for Mac app, and $15/yr iOS subscription & syncing) for an app so lightly supported. (Back in 2016/7 the Mac app was $20, then $30, which seems more reasonable.)

Thanks, but I was actually asking about Outline for iPad (by Gorillaized), not Outliney. Anyone had experience with Outline for iPad and MacOS?

Trying it now with the full-use trial version. Import seems to get everything, but it maintains the hierarchy only a few levels deep. After that it seems to flatten them into a list. There can be trouble on the CPN export-to-disk side. Other aspects: still to come. If you have experience to share, I’d like to hear it. Please share.

I know, that’s why when I replied eight months ago I said, “I think I own or have used every outline app for the Mac … except this one and Outlinely.”