Outlining / Creating Script & Shotlist for a blog and/or vlog?

Do any of you all use mind mapping software to plot-out blogs/vlogs, etc?

Can one output the the subordinate levels by themselves?

(Screen shot shows org. by day, rough topic, then deeper into each topic – I might want to only export the final level on this example, or a level I have not yet added without any of the higher-level organization features). … That’s not the most important part (can always edit output).

How would many of you who do this on a regular basis plan the trip, the shots, the script and the output?

I was thinking about this today in regard to creating an outline, then a shot list/sound list (for three outputs, blog, vlog and podcast … the latter would need sound the first two would need photos and videos).

It occurred to me that the first-level output would just be organization, perhaps by day. The second level would be events within each day and the third would be the start of a shot list/list of b-roll/nat-sound to gather.

At the next level (not yet created), it would be scripting for all these outputs.

Can one output from MindNode (or use something as an intermediary) and export only one level for further use and manipulation?

For example, maybe I only want the 4th level down as a list to become the checklist for shot/audio gathering.

Later, I might want the 5th level down to serve as an outline for my script(s) and blog post.

Tossed together the start of an example in MindNode (attached screenshot).

Made this up for a notional visit to St. Louis (been there recently; didn’t do anything fun). No idea if one can see both the National Blues Museum and the aquarium in the same day (I, of course welcome feedback like, “No one can see the Zoo AND the Botanical Gardens in a day!! They each take a day!”).

Also interested in what software people use to undertake such a project – It may be totally different from this and I’m interested in hearing about it.



P.S. I made my fictional tour list about St. Louis instead of Houston because I don’t think I could easily recommend Houston in only three days (I prob. am not doing St. Louis justice yet in this draft and would consult w/ some locals and do more web research before starting such a project!!).