Outlook 365 calendar to Mac Calendar app? Alternative?

My employer’s IT crew are Microsoft fanboys (admittedly, Office 365 is pretty great so I don’t mind). Unfortunately though, they recently started blocking sync access to Outlook365 from personal devices. So now when I look at the apple Calendar app on my Mac I can no longer see my work calendar entries. Only way to see them is via the Outlook web client.

I’d be surprised if I’m the only one who has run into this, so hoping there is a way around it, like zapier or IFTT? An alternative calendar app like Fantastical, I’m guessing, will just run into the same restrictions if I try to add my Outlook account to it.

If they’re blocking the Apple calendar apps, they’re probably blocking zapier and IFTTT. If they aren’t yet, they will soon. And if they don’t, is using those services within your company’s policies and rules? I can’t imagine my sysadmins and security folks being happy about it.

Can you successfully sync the Office 365 calendar to Google Calendar?

If so, you can in turn sync the Google Calendar to Apple Calendar.

You should get your IT team onto Microsoft Authenticator so you can have email on your devices in a way that allows your employer to wipe them if they do to (e.g. you leave).

It does enforce complex passwords which is very annoying (you can’t have a 4 digit phone pin), but with faceid it’s generally fine unless you’re wearing a face mask, and then it is super annoying!!

I’ve run into this several times at different clients. It’s extremely irritating. Alternative calendar apps, like Fantastical and BusyCal don’t work either. My solution was to get Office for the Mac and use the Outlook app on Mac and I-Devices. Annoying, but …

I’d also look into accessing your calendars through outlook.
At my previous employer I had the same issue, and just shared my iCloud calendar to Outlook. It;s a shame, but at least I got everything in one overview again.

I never did that - I didn’t want any of my personal stuff on corporate servers. Partly, I think it’s a good principle to follow, but mainly it was because too many of my clients’ IT people weren’t that good at security. I’m no saying I was better, but at least it was me in control

Thanks all. Just before checking back here, I went ahead and made my Mac Calendar app’s calendar ‘public’ and added it to my work Outlook calendar. Doesn’t solve the problem and as ThatGuy mentions - I do not like my personal calendar accessible. For now, basically the only things I have in the personal calendar are my scheduled workouts and occasional dentist appointment etc.

Not ideal, but at least I know now that there’s just not a way around this.

They use Duo Authenticator.

Have you tried using the Microsoft Outlook app?

With my work setup, I can access my own calendar but not any of the other calendars I have access to. To access them I have to use Outlook on the Web or the Microsoft Outlook app.

My work situation is Microsoft/Office/etc. Since we went to Office 365/OneDrive/etc., I found it easier to synch my Outlook calendar to Apple Calendar. Previously I had to create a Device Management profile on my iPhone to see the Calendar (enabled by our I/T dept). but since we went to O365/OneDrive, I have been able to essentially use the MS Authenticator app to both see emails and my Calendar on my M1 Mini and my iPad. I can even see my files/pdfs in One Drive, though I can’t actually run an Excel model for example through logging in via One Drive on my Mac or iPad.

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My company restrict access to only the 1st party (Microsoft) apps or web. It sucks. But not as much as MS Authenticator sucks.

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Same here zkarj. Up until a month or so ago, we could sync with any device but no longer. Restricted to use the MS apps. I just use the web apps now.