Outlook as Mail client on iOS (especially on iPad)

Dea all, I just tried out the latest version of Outlook on my iPad and I really like the way emails are displayed and multiple accounts are managed. For me outlook could be a replacement for apples mail client on the iPad and maybe also on the iPhone.
It looks quite modern easy to configure and has a lot of add-ins (if you need them) and features like remind me later. I wonder if anybody has experience in using outlook on iOS and can share thoughts here.

Microsoft has had a pretty great Outlook experience on iOS ever since they acquired Acompli.

I use it everyday for work and am happy with it, not sure what else to say lol

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Ditto - I use it for work on IOS and iPadOS daily. No real issues.

Slightly less positive experience on MacOS … . But that’s only when comparing with the features of Outlook on Windows.

I have switched to Outlook for my work email. Makes sense because we have Exchange email. But I never liked the way the native mail app handled sync and I would triage emails on my iPad in the morning and come to my desk and things wouldn’t have caught up yet, maybe never.

Once I switched to the Outlook client on my MBP, iPad, and iPhone I have been very happy. As an added bonus, I shut off notifications on my iOS devices most of the time, and don’t even open the Outlook app if is after hours or the weekend. I don’t have to see work email outside of work hours or at my choosing.


One nice feature with it is that some of the Outlook plugins also work on iPhone and iPad.

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