Outstanding video production

Two year ago we added a video production professional to our staff to handle all school video production. He is outstanding. Here is his latest creation, where I make a short appearance. :slight_smile: Our students work hard and PLAY HARD! :slightly_smiling_face:

Our student production team has full access to cutting edge equipment and applications as part of our STEM program. All students have school issued iPads and access to both Mac and Windows PCs for advanced STEM, CAD, and other work. They are becoming MPUs!

I think you’ll enjoy this.


Just watched the entire video. Well done. You must be so proud of the staff and the students. Loved the post-game interviews. Also, didn’t realize you are such a thespian. :grinning:

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The chair of our drama department would be rolling around on the stage in laughter! :rofl:

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