Overcast - can it show recently played episodes?

I can’t find where in Overcast on iPhone I can see a list of podcast episodes I have finished playing recently.

Hopefully I’m missing something very, very basic!

I see the In Progress playlist which has episodes I only partially finished.

But I would like a list of recently deleted episodes or chronological list of episodes I listened to.l completely. I often think back and want to send a recent episode to someone or want to reference show notes, but I have so many podcasts I subscribe to it’s impossible to find from the main list of all episodes.

I tried making a new playlist, but didn’t see anything for recently played or recently deleted. Same for settings.

I currently have overcast set to delete when completed, but I don’t think the 24 hour option would help either, since I want to reference a few days later sometimes.

Hoping someone has a tip for this!

The only suggestion would be to set “delete” to “manually” instead of “when played” (you can set this globally and by podcast) and then make yourself a playlist that shows episodes from all podcasts sorted with newest first. it doesn’t give you information about what you HAVE listened to or when, but podcasts will stay in the playlist until you have manually deleted them.

The “all” list for each podcast will show as many episodes as are still in the podcast’s feed. I’ve often used that to go back to collect some show notes or to get details of a contributor in podcasts I have listened to.

Overcast does NOT collect your listening history. That’s by design. It does not monetise your attention, or sell personalised advertising, so does not need or want to collect detailed listening statistics on your podcast habits. That also makes it easier for the sync process to be speedy and minimal.

Other apps (e.g. Apple Podcasts) do keep a history and so can make a “recently listened” list.

Thanks for the helpful info!

Might need to do an automators post. I wonder if I could somehow set Day One or Shortcuts to record my listening history somewhere for me. :upside_down_face:

If you listen to an episode from start to finish, a check appears next to the episode in the “All” list of that podcast. You can also tap the checkmark button under an episode (in playlist view) to mark it manually so you don’t have to wait for it to finish.