Overcast? How do I determine that Smart Speed is actually working?

In principle it’s not terribly complicated (not to trivialize the work Marco has devoted to make it work well and sound natural):

When the amplitude of the audio is below a certain threshold for a certain length of time, increase the playback speed until the amplitude is above threshold. The longer the audio is below-threshold, the greater the increase in playback. Shorter pauses are sped-up less, longer pauses sped up more so the effect is a bit more natural and subtle.

It would be a bit easier to just detect “silence” (defined as any audio below a certain level defined by the developer) and not play those passages back, but that would usually produce a rather aggressivly-condensed result. Marco has been careful about making it effective without being really noticeable.

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As of today, I have saved 621 hours.

Pocket Casts is no slouch on that either… :wink:

I‘m producing a podcast myself and when I listened to it via Overcast I realized how much smart speed does. I don’t notice it usually, but I know the rhythm of my co-host and me so well (and listen to the episode several times during post-production) that I immediately heard the difference when playing it on Overcast.

Haha, I didn’t see that before: