Overcast Podcasts “Waiting to Download…”

Just upgraded to the 11 Pro. It’s been a rough go since the new phone didn’t want to update to the 13.1 Beta in order to restore from iCloud backup.

Everything seems to be working except all my podcasts are stuck on waiting to download. Now, there are a lot, but they’re not moving and I don’t see an option to start downloading them. Streaming isn’t an option because of data concerns.

Any ideas? Here’s what one looks like.

I can’t focus on your question because your battery indicator is making me break out in a sweat :slight_smile:

I hate to fall back to the “reinstall” solution, but it might be worth a try. First, I would remove one podcast and then add it back to see if that restarts the downloads.

It could be the phone is prioritizing icloud sync stuff, so give it a day or so?

Tried those. It didn’t work. I just deleted the app, reinstalled it, and I’ve got the same problem.

I never traded in the 8+ however. It’s just been sitting on my desk. It’s been downloading podcasts without a problem.