Overcast Smart Speed

Overcast does have that, but it was only added a few months ago—and it doesn’t yet have those sweet stats!


361 hours! I have it set differently depending on the podcast. Slow talkers get bumped up around 2x, but most are 1.5 to 2.0.

I am very curious what you set MPU to!

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The PC watch app is awesome. I use it daily for my outdoor runs.

I’m at 215 on Overcast.

Wow, I’m a lightweight in comparison. To be fair, I only use Smart Speed on about a third of my podcasts now, and I use Apple Podcasts far more often now because I like how well it works on the Apple Watch.

Apart from a few syncing glitches I rather like Overcast on the watch. What is it about the official podcast app on the watch that sets it apart?


471 hours saved! I’ve used it for six years

Number one (and biggest) is that I often have to brute force Overcast for Apple Watch to download certain shows from the iPhone that I want to listen to. With the native podcast app, I can listen to whatever I want because of on the go streaming (cellular required), so my entire catalogue of shows is available to me at all times.

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Ah, so it is a syncing issue with Overcast.

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293 hours. By default I turn it on, along with 1.1x speed. Lately I’ve got a loooong list to catch up on with no commute for a few months. Normally I will run out maybe a couple of times a month and that’s when I switch to music.

Not overcast but I still saved time :slight_smile: