Overcast Smart Speed

This past week the I hit 1,000 hours saved by the Smart Speed feature of Overcast. How,many hours has it saved you?


Wow! I’m at 345 hours.

Pocket Casts.

445 hours saved so far!

I don’t want to save time on the podcasts. I listen to them almost exclusively when I do my runs. I don’t want to run out of content during the course of the week, otherwise, the runs get boring. :slight_smile:


My queue is so long I don’t have that issue.


I’m gonna have to check into podcast-aholics anonymous group soon

I’m only at a measly 197 hours.

I am at 321 hours! Crazy how large it is for some of you.

About 2088 hours saved :grinning:

It’s only occasional I run out of content.

I suppose I should add some music to my watch - for that eventuality - but I’ve forgotten how to do that.

(I note I run faster with music than podcasts but I need podcasts to take away the tedium of running. Equally, running is time to listen to podcasts I wouldn’t otherwise have. And, on rest days, I get the exercise by walking so even more time for podcast listening.)

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401 hours for me.

I can never understand how people can listen to podcasts and do other things at the same time, e.g. coding.

I have to be present in some way.

I take a different approach. Although I certainly monitor my pace, I monitor my heart rate far more closely as that is the best indicator of the effectiveness of the run and or walk. Consequently , it makes little difference in my routine whether I’m listening to music or a podcast. I like music but I learn more from the podcast. :slight_smile:


I do miss the Pocket Casts stats since moving to Overcast (I’d originally migrated for Watch support.) Only 283 smart speed hours, apparently. I’ll have to subscribe to more shows where people take their time between sentences.

I keep thinking my number is relatively low (164h saved) because I listen to a lot of Relay shows which usually edit out the silences, leaving less to save.

I’m always curious if people with the high hours saved numbers are listening to shows with lots of silences or simply listen a lot. I average 2-3h of listening most days.

On a good day, I average between 6 to 8 hours.

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Yes, I too monitor heart rate. Rarely in the run but generally afterwards. To calibrate whether I’m doing too much or too little.

Heart rate seems to be independent of podcast vs music. Speed seems to be better with music. I should be curious as to why.

There’s no question that good music and starting to get one going! :slight_smile:

But, I can get going anyway, especially when I see a dog come running at me and then stop suddenly, thankfully!, at the invisible fence, so I would rather listen to a good podcast and learn something. :slight_smile:

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102 hours saved. I used it a lot when I was months behind on podcasts a couple years ago. I’m caught up these days and don’t want to run out of podcasts to listen to, so I usually leave it off.

Also, I don’t think I have any podcast specific speed settings set up.

I did use it the other day in conjunction with increased playback speed when I was re-listening to the WWDC episode of ATP.

For me that’s one of the most useful features (of Pocket Casts). My universal setting is 1.2x speed with Trim Silence, but I’ll adjust those settings on a per-podcast basis, depending on how fast the hosts speak, if it’s a music podcast, etc.

I also trim the intros and outros of specific shows, something I’m not sure Overcast does.

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