Overcast stuck loading iCloud

Hey folks,

Went to use Overcast on my phone today after restoring from iCloud and can’t get past this screen.

If I disable overcast in iCloud, the screen advances to the Create Account screen, but I can’t use iCloud. And my account is in iCloud.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

I’ve never had this problem, but do you have the latest version? The last update was released last week 9/18/23

Yep. Also deleted and reinstalled the app. It still works fine on my iPad and my Mac, but neither of those are on this year’s OS yet.

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Ok, I found a solution, but not the solution.

On my iPad, I added an email and password to my Overcast account. On my iPhone, I disabled iCloud storage for Overcast. Then I could use the app like normal and all my data immediately synced.

I’m not marking this as resolved, because it’s an iCloud problem and not an Overcast problem specifically. It remains frustrating to me that iCloud is a huge black box, and I prefer not to use it unless I can see the synced files in my iCloud Drive directory on my Mac and thus back them up via Time Machine. /rant

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