Overview video of Hook app

@LucCogZest has posted a nice overview of Hook and its use. There’s a lot of potential here.

I’d love to see a 30min tutorial (or screencastsonline) with keystrokes, etc. so I can play along.


That looks really interesting. I found the example on the features page helpful:

To give you an example, I’ve linked this web page to its markdown file in SVN. I can instantly navigate between these two documents. I don’t need to use the Finder or Spotlight to get from this web page to the file on my Mac. While I am in a web browser on this web page, I just bring up the Hook window. It shows me a link to the markdown file on my Mac. I enter that link and it opens in BBEdit (my text editor), and I am off to the races. That means I don’t need to remember where this file is stored in SVN. Nor do I need to remember its name.

If I could link a Word doc on a network share, an OmniFocus project, an email and a coding environment…


I hate to say it, but this seems like a good idea executed poorly. For one, when you link three files to each other, you have to link them TO EACH OTHER. So you have to link A to B, A to C and then B to C. Now imagine ten files.
Also, I think the linking and the notes feature don’t necessarily go together. The note should just be one of the files you link.
I can still make it work, and I’m definitely going to try, because having a system that lets me link random URLs, files and projects together without literally writing them in a text document is just an excellent idea, but I think the killer feature here is just adding an item to an existing bucket of items and then just showing the bucket when you want - and this requires extra steps for me.

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You’re right. The use model is cumbersome.

Found out I wasn’t the first person to have this idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ah, that’s not going to work. Hopefully he implements meshes/groups soon.

I started tinkering with this as well, and also found the lack of “mesh-ness” to be a bit cumbersome to use. The overall app implementation is a really great idea and I like the ability to add notes from pre-defined templates for specific apps (OmniOutliner and Pages being my most used). I had trouble accessing these files separately on iCloud unless I was using another Mac with Hook enabled on it as well. Hopefully Luc will continue to develop and massage its capabilities further.

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My wish came true.
There is now a screencast on Hook.