OWC Thunderbolt Hub First Impressions

My OWC Thunderbolt Hub arrived today. Here’s some impressions:

  • Set up is a breeze – unbox and use. Of course this would be the case, but one never knows with peripherals.
  • The hub itself is about 3 x 4.5 inches and 3/4 inch high. Not too obtrusive on the desktop.
  • The power brick however is about twice the volume and mass of the hub. Pretty hefty brick.
  • Hub comes with one USB cable to connect the Mac to the hub – and then it has the three Thunderbolt 4 and one USB-A ports.
  • I’m using it with an external 4K monitor and two external Samsung T5 2TB drives. No issues with any of that. It’s a good idea to get OWC’s Dock Ejector software.
  • The hub would make a good coffee warmer – it gets pretty warm to the touch. I place it on a slightly raised surface to allow air circulation.

All in all, works as advertised. Good to have it around.


Just curious @anon41602260, which Mac are you using this with?

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Are you required to connect the Mac to the Thunderbolt port on the front of the device, or could you use one of the ports on the back? The port on the front has the little computer icon, which makes me think that’s the only one that will connect to the host computer.

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MBP 2020 – not M1.

Yes, the port on the side with the single USB-C and single USB-A port is the connection to the Mac. The included cable is for this port.

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