Pages - how to modify 'Table Style 2'

Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice with Apple Pages (or maybe this should be a bug report??).

I’m working on a document with tables, and Pages automatically assigns the styles ‘Table Style 1’ to the heading row/column and ‘Table Style 2’ to the rest of the cells. However, these two styles don’t appear in the list of available styles…

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 8.03.36 am

This means I can’t apply the style consistently across the table. For example, if I paste in some text with a different style and forget to ‘paste and match style’ I can’t apply ‘Table Style 2’ to that text.

Is there a way to access these Table Styles, to modify them and apply them?

Controls in tables are in the Text tab in the Format inspector, which you can select singly or in groups of cells. To copy a style choose Format > Copy Style (⌘-Option-C). You can then select the text/cells you want to reformat by choosing them and then Format > Paste Style (⌘-Option-V). Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

FYI Apple has a free User Guide that can be installed in the Mac/iOS Books app. (It’s also on viewable on the web here.) There’s also a pretty good in-depth Take Control Of Pages ebook for $15 (free 35 page pdf sample here)

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Thanks @bowline that’s really helpful. I’d never copied and pasted styles before, I’d always used the style selector (from the image above) which doesn’t seem to work for these Table Styles.