Pages: linking a paragraph style with a numbering style? (or auto-numbering headings?)

Is there a way in Pages to link a numbering style with a paragraph style such that all paragraphs with a given paragraph style also get particular numbering style?

In Word, numbering can be incorporated into a paragraph style. But I can’t seem to do the same thing in Pages.

Longer background:

I’m a lawyer, trying to set up a pleading template in Pages. In Oregon, our pleadings are supposed to have numbered paragraphs (which is common). But those numbers are supposed to appear centered, on their own line abovce the paragraph to which they relate. (This is uncommmon). In Word, I make this easy by having two paragraph styles, one centered and numbered, the other not centered, and left alinged. These two styles are set up so that the “Style for following pagraph” is the other style. So that when I finish a paragraph of text, I get a numbered paragraph, then immediately hit return again, and get another paragraph of text. I want to set up this same thing (or its functional equivalent) in Pages. But can’t seem to make a numbered paragraph style.

If I understand what you want to do, I think it’s possible, although it sounds like in Word the sequence of numbers is entered automatically.

Create a new style called “Numbered” or whatever you want to call it. I assume you know how to do this but if not, just ask and I’ll walk you through it.

In the formatting palette on the right, click on “More” (third tab) and at the bottom, you’ll see a dropdown menu titled “Following Paragraph Style” Select the one you wish to follow. (In my test, I used “Body”)

Then go to the second style (Body, in my example) and select “Numbered” for the following paragraph style.

I just tested this and every time I hit return to start a new paragraph, I alternate between the two.

I don’t think there’s any way to have the numbering automated. Numbering is a list style and I don’t think list styles can be attached to a paragraph style.

P.S. Ex-Oregonian here. Go Beavers!

Thanks for the response @Quahog. This is what I was really asking for. It’s shocking to me that there’s no way to, for example, automatically number all your headings in a document.

As a workaround, is there a way to easily select all instances of a given paragraph style? (Then I could apply numbering all at once at the end rather than having to select each individual paragraph and apply a numbering style).

I came up with a workaround that should work and which requires only one style. Create a paragraph style; I called mine “Numbered Body”

Create a first-line indent in that style that indents the start of the first line to the center of the page. If your page is 8.5 inches wide with 1-inch margins, indent 3.25 inches

Under “Bullets and Lists” select the “Numbered” option. Use the pull-down menu to format the number.

If your document will have some paragraphs that intervene (such as headings, titles, etc.) and you want the numbering to continue where you left off, select “Continue from previous”. However, if you type in the heading or other intervening paragraph, you’ll have to add the list style when you return to numbered paragraphs.You can create a list style to make this easy.

If you need tiered numbering, select that box, too.

Now, when typing your document, hitting return will add the next number. Just make a soft return (SHIFT-Return) to start a new line in the paragraph. The number all remain alone, centered at top. The text will begin at the left margin. Add a tab to the style if you need indentation.

It might take a little bit of time for your fingers to remember, but this should work, even though it is a little kludgy. I agree that list styles should be able to be attached to paragraph styles. Doing so would make this a breeze.

I should stress that if the numbered paragraphs are separated by paragraphs of a different style, when the numbered paragraphs start again, you’ll need to

  1. select the “Numbered Body” paragraph style; then

  2. select the correct list style. You should create a custom list style and maybe name it the same as the paragraph style so it’s easy to remember to do this.

Again, thanks @Quahog. I know I could do things in the way you describe. But doing so still requires me to do quite a lot of formatting by hand that should be easy and automatic. I’m just shocked to see that Pages can’t auto-number headings (or any other paragraph style). Hopefully it’s on Apple’s to-do list to add.

Aside: I’m wondering if this feature existed prior to the merging of the iOS/macOS code base and just hasn’t made its way back yet, or if this has always been a shortcoming of Pages/iWork/AppleWorks/Claris Work that I just don’t remember being there.

Well, I guess I don’t really understand what you need. Once the styles are formatted, there’s really no other formatting to be done.

I think you’ve helped clarify that Pages just can’t do what I want it to do.

In Word, I can assign a numbering attribute to, say, the “Heading 1” style. Any time I apply “Heading 1” to a paragraph, it will get a number, continuing on from the last Heading 1 (unless I’ve specified otherwise), even if there are many subheadings and paragraphs of body text between the two Heading 1 paragraphs.

Pages simply can’t do the same thing.

I have to not only assign Heading 1 to the next paragraph, but I also, separately have to assign a numbering style to it and have to tell it to continue numbering from the prior entry.

That’s three steps instead of 1 for each new Heading 1 paragraph. Those extra steps aren’t a huge number if you only have a couple of paragraphs to apply them to (as with major headings). But if you have a long document (a contract say, or a pleading) where there are dozens of numbered paragraphs, then trying to manage those three steps for each of them becomes insane.

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Yes, it’s true – you do have to do one more thing – apply the list style.

If you want to use a word processor that behaves identically to Word, and are unwilling to alter a single way you interact with the processor, even something as simple as an extra click, I suggest you use… Word. That is the word processor for you!

Yep, it looks like I may be stuck using Word.

I was just hoping that Pages might be a viable alternative, as I have heard of at least some attorneys who rely on it. But unfortunatley, it appears that Pages is not. (And I hope you aren’t taking my criticisms of Pages personally. You have been very helpful in helping me understand Pages’ limitations.)

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