Pagico 10 is available

I’ve been using NotePlan 3 for several months now, but its lack of a timeline view has left me wanting.
For me, time falls into two categories, now, and not now. Thursday might as well be Christmas.
The new version of Pagico was released recently, and has an improved timeline view, so I’m gradually making the switch over.

It has a lot of flexibility with Collections, Tags, Categories and of course Projects, so I’m working out what those things mean to me, and how to use them as intended.

I’ve sent a few minor bug reports to the developers, and they are quick to respond.

I wish there were more videos and tutorials available. There is a ScreenCastsONLINE for Version 8 which is mostly still applicable.

I would love to hear anyone’s experiences using or rejecting Pagico.

Pagico website


This app Pagico is included in the Set App subscription which I highly recommend. It has dozens of very cool apps including Ulysses and Clean My Mac for $10/month. You can also add iOS for $2.50 I think but there are not many apps. I have it for my iPad Air.

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I wish app home pages would include an easy to find section: Here’s where we put your data.

It would answer questions like: Is it stored in a database? Flat files? Plaintext? A proprietary format? An open format? Our server? Someone else’s server? Your device only (with whatever sync service you might use)? Etc. etc.

It wouldn’t have to be at the top of the features list or anything. But all too often it takes me forever to find the answers, and in some cases I even have to email the developer to find out.


Now and not now is a really good way of looking at task management. I’m stealing that!


I agree it could be in a Support section.

The info is on their zendesk site, but it takes a bit of digging.

Thanks! Definitely not a criticism of Pagico per se. It’s just a pet peeve of mine generally, especially since I love trying cool new software — but I long ago decided to stick to plain text (including markdown) for as much as humanly possible…


Hey @JohnAtl - are you still using Pagico? I’m looking at it for shared task and project management with some of my team and am curious who around here is using it.

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