Pandora Music Users

Anyone use Pandora? Just got premium for 12 months through T-Mobile Tuesdays. I am an Apple Music subscriber already, but free is free lol.

We got the same thing. The tmobile deal we got was for Pandora Plus which is different from Pandora Premium. Pandora Plus is essentially add free Pandora. Apandora Premium is more like Apple Music.

I am keeping my Spotify Subscription. Although, my wife is content to use the Pandora plan.

Good to know. I’ll take it lol. I have some killer stations that were built back in the day.

Pandora is still in business? Wow, impressive. Due to licensing restrictions, we have not seen much of them in Europe, snd for years I have heard nothing about the company. I have however heard great things about their track matching technology - “since you listened to this, you might like these too”. Any experience with their recommendation engine, does it work as well as rumors have it?


I found that Pandora is the best at predicting music that I will like.


I subscribe, listen, and like Pandora.
Two points that many people see as negatives of Pandora:

  1. Pandora places less emphasis on the social media aspect of music. You can share a station, but it’s really not about what your friends are listening to.
  2. Pandora isn’t about discovering new artists. Yes, it occasionally puts new songs in your stations, but mostly you get songs you have liked and closely-related selections.

For me, those aren’t really negatives. I prefer stations built on my tried-and-true favorites.

I find it to be worth the subscription prices to eliminate ads. I am concerned about the shrinking user base and whether Pandora will survive the competition.

I like Pandora because it allows me to set up stations and it does a good job at suggesting new music that is similar that I then also like. I don’t like the free Pandora because it often repeats the same limited song sets day by day. Finally, when you want to skip the ads but not pay, the free app Hermes does so. The issue that I have with it is that it will repeat the same song sets almost in the same order on a daily basis.


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Interesting indeed. I don’t care what my friends are listening to because they have a different taste than me. Most of the time anyway… Discovering new artists I never knew about before is always a great surprise :grin:

Pandora is all we listen to at home anymore. I created my own “station” that contains about 50 of my favorite artists, and Pandora takes it from there. I rarely get bored with the music it chooses, and I enjoy being surprised with songs I’ve never heard, or haven’t heard for a long time.