Paper Stuck in Printer

I have an inexpensive printer by HP. I have a paper jam. I can reach the paper but cannot really pull on it.

I know this is a longshot, but do you have any ideas?

Perhaps you’ve already looked, but internet search on “stuck paper in hp printer” brings up some videos and articles. maybe some ideas there.

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I looked on the HP website which was of no help but yours is a good idea.

If it is a laser there is usually a way to release the paper in the back above the paper tray.

IMO. With any printer, if possible, try to remove the paper by pulling in the direction it would normally travel to reach the output tray. Good luck.


what model?

Key is to find a way to turn the roller to move the paper out. Tweezers may help. Removing a side panel may be necessary. Used to do this for a living, do not envy you!

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ha! it is a hp 7164.

This page has fairly detailed illustrations and photos. Does that help?

Thanks! Did get it going!


Glad that worked. If it didn’t, this video has always been helpful whenever I have technology problems.