Paprika App & Chef Buck

Paprika And Chef Buck

Buck welcomes me back to home cooking and drives off the the bad taste of overdone cooking shows.

Paprika, the app, neatly captures recipes from the web. Went to Chef Buck’s site copied the URL and pasted it into the browser section of Paprika. Then I downloaded and saved the recipe. May you have happy holidays.


Paprika is one of the best apps I’ve ever used. I treasure it because it solves a problem so elegantly. It manages recipes in a very organized fashion, it captures (as you pointed out) recipes easily, it manages your pantry and shopping lists simply and easily, it helps organize meal planning, it solves the multiple-timers problem, it is fantastic in the kitchen while using it. I wish developers in other domains would apply the thought and care that the developers of Paprika put into this app.

Other than one thing, this app fulfills every need I’ve ever had in a recipe management app. The one thing I’d like is to be able to add cooking notes and techniques that are not attached to recipes.


It’s not precisely what you’re looking for, but you could create recipes with no content other than the title and a note, and then place them in a category called “Notes”. You could also include them in other categories as needed.


That’s a pretty good idea for a workaround. I’m going to give it a try.

I use AnyList, which has browser extensions for major browsers that imports recipes and then creates or adds to shopping lists, with items sent to the correct areas (eg Dairy, Frozen Foods, Condiments). It’s not something I use in the app - I always end up manually adding items to my shopping list - but it’s a convenient feature.

That said, if you want to build a library of recipes, Paprika might be the best app for that.

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One feature of Paprika that I find very handy is the export html. I export all my recipes and upload them so sharing with others is much easier. Saves paper and gives them access to all my recipes.

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