Paprika, iOS, and Calorie Tracking

So I started using Paprika and love it! That said 2 questions:

  1. My mom is thinking about using it but only has an iPad and an iPhone. Would it still be beneficial to her? Can she clip recipes and work exclusively on an iOS device?

  2. I like tracking calories of what I eat. Would I need to double import recipes into both My Fitness Pal and Paprika? Any solutions or people in a similar dilemma?

I use Paprika and haven’t encountered anything I can’t do on the iOS version.

I just enter recipes separately into Paprika and LooseIt.


I use Paprika all the time. There are two ways to get recipes from Paprika into MyFitnessPal.

Import From The Web
I get most of my recipes from a few sites. I import these from the web directly into Paprika. You can do the same for MyFitnessPal. Add a Food, select the + and add a recipe. Then pick “Add From the Web.” Navigate to that page and pick import.

Entering recipes already in Paprika (not from the Web)
You need to get a copy of the ingredients. On iOS, the only way I know to do this is to pick the three dots when in a recipe and then select email. Copy the list of ingredients.

Then within MyFitnessPal, go to Add a Recipe and select “Enter Manually”. Enter the recipe name, servings and select “Bulk Import.” Paste the list of ingredients into the box below.

It’s not automatic. I don’t know how adept your mom is at iOS maneuvering. It would be nice if Paprika could export directly to food tracking sites. Maybe a request to the developer.

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Paprika is superior on the iPad or phone. Device mobility — kitchen counter, pantry, store aisle, comfortable chair in the evening combing the web for new ideas.

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I use Paprika for recipes I want to collect for the long term, which is a smaller subset of “recipes” I want MyFitnessPal to know about. I collect a lot of recipes in Paprika from web sites, NYT Cooking, etc., that I will probably never make, but it’s interesting to know about them. So it’s more of a diary than a cook book.

I think of recipes in MyFitnessPal as more of a named collection of ingredients that I want MFP to calculate nutritional values about and that I want stored so I can reuse them. For that reason, I don’t bother about adding info about preparation unless it is relevant to the nutrition. I never add recipes to MFP that I will not prepare.

Doing double entry in both apps has never been an issue, since each of them makes it easy to add recipes.

Katie V