Parallels Desktop 17.1 for Monetery, Windows 11, and M1

Perfect Timing

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Can’t you just add (enable) the vTPM to your existing VM?

I am sitting on Parallels 15 with Windows 7. I only need Windows for one very specific app and occasionally Excel for some older, pivot table-heavy spreadsheets. I skipped M1 on the first pass, waiting for the MBP.

Now it’s time to ask what is the easiest path forward for compatibility with new Macs (cheap would be great, but what is the easiest)? How do I get there from here?

Do I need to upgrade to Parallels 17, create a new VM, buy and install fresh Windows 10, and then upgrade to Windows 11?

Ah, sorry to hear/read that.

Is that such a huge issue?

Even on MacOS, when I buy a new machine usually I start fresh and migrate apps and data over.

There is inevitable clutter on any OS if you keep the same installation for many years and many OS versions.

There is a way to do it, which was pointed out in a Windows newsletter I get.
Involves changing the registry so probably worth taking a snapshot first :slight_smile:

install-windows-11-on-unsupported-hardware.pdf (

Wow, thanks for a good flashback. I remember using WOPR, Woody’s powerpack for Microsoft Office. I learned so much from his books.