Parallels Now on M1 - Interesting Timing

Parallels is now available on the M1 - that is big news

Interesting timing given the upcoming Apple event. Might new Macbook Pros be on the horizon?


I would love to, but I’m not holding my breath - I’m counting on fall.
New iMacs though, that’s possible (although my money is on WWDC at the earliest)


Great! Hopefully this means that can also produce virtualization that runs on M1(?)… I have had no headway since migrating to my new mac mini. :disappointed_relieved:

Can definitely. Have to the incentives to do so, who knows.

But what does it virtualize? If It can’t virtualize Intel 32-bit at least, it’s of no use to me.

If I understand correctly, you’ll see x86 emulation in ARM Windows before you see x86 Windows support in Parallels or its competitors. Hopefully it’s complete enough to run these legacy apps. It’s a genuine need and there’s a market with a budget to meet it…

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Being able to run Linux VMs on my Air makes me happy! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Imagine how Intel feels when reading this… (devilish smirk on my face) An intel capable VM running on an M1 (or derived) CPU with good…exceptional speed would certainly create a dent in their ego if not business. It is hard to imagine an ARM running an Intel VM at very good/exceptional speed though but it is a fun thought.

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Anyone can sign up for free to download Windows 10 Preview Builds

I was able to sign up for Windows ARM preview. After that, I was able to run x86 apps. I even developed apps on Visual Studio.

Yes, I can confirm that a lot of x86 apps run well in Windows for ARM already (at least all the ones I need Windows for).

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I have a business-critical Windows app that I run on Parallels now, and have ruled the M1 so far for that reason. How can I test/confirm a specific app will work with the new version Parallels before upgrading the hardware?

I can test it for you, if it is something available in the market.

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OK, most Windows apps can run on this ARM Windows. Visual Studios and Power BI both run without breaking a sweat.
For me, I developed Power BI Connector using Visual Studio 2019.

In my case the programs are so enterprise-ish that they are even very touchy as to Windows version. In particular, one won’t work on anything after Windows 7 – workaround was that it has a Linux version and on Windows I’d run a Linux VM!. Another I still like to reference on occasion is on Windows 2000.

Having battled this problem for over a decade, my general solution is to run a Windows VM on a server computer (originally a Dell here but now a Mac mini) and access via Windows Remote Desktop which runs much faster than Apple’s VNC solution.

Thank you for the offer :slight_smile: It’s a niche app that you can’t even get at without subscribing. Hopefully I will know more before the next MBP is announced.

My offer will always stand. Good luck :slight_smile:

The only business-critical software I have running in a Parallels/Windows VM right now is Excel. I tested some stuff (Visual Studio, Office, GIMP, Inkscape, LibreOffice …) and everything worked… I’d say the probability of your unnamed app working is very high.


Thanks. I do use Excel on Windows for a few complex spreadsheets with Pivot Tables and macros that don’t translate well to Excel for Mac. But the critical app is a Windows-based property management software called Promas. It’s and old school Windows app, but it does work perfectly fine in the non-M1 Macs. I’ve emailed the developers, but I’m an edge case so I’m not sure if they will be able to answer.

I requested a demo to test on M1+Parallels+ARM Windows Technical Preview

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