Parallels on M1 Mac

David and Stephen (who spells his name wrong) discussed not being able to run Windows on M1 in Parallels. Parallels claims that you can. My new Mac is due in a week (but still shows processing, grrr). Is anyone doing this successfully yet?

Yep, I am running Windows 11 on M1, you need to add TPM support.

Yup, also running it here.
The caveat is it’s not ‘officially supported’ by Microsoft and I believe Windows 11 ARM is still an insider build anyway.
Internet Explorer has gone in both the 10 and 11 ARM builds (if you need it)

Thanks. That brings up another question. I read the link you provided, thanks for that. If the VM I’m running on my old Intel Mac under Parallels 16 is copied to the new M1 Mac and Parallels 17 is installed, it sounded like Parallels will automatically create the TPM and everything will run fine theoretically). Am I missing anything here?

Thanks. Another adventure ahead. Yay.

This interest me as well. Curious if Ubuntu works well with M1 Parallels or even virtual box

Virtualisation appears to the Achilles heel of M1 Macs

I have a 2012 Mac mini and was thinking of upgrading to an M1 Mac mini but virtualisation is something I occasionally use to do Linux things

I am so sorry, I didn’t run this specific use case, so can’t personally comment. But, I ran Parallels 16 with Arm windows 10, then upgraded to Windows 11. I had to manually add TPS. My understanding that Parallels 17 adds it automatically.

Just speculating but how this plays out may fall to licensing issues. I remember VMware Fusion and Parallels didn’t virtualize macOS except Server Edition for the longest time not because they couldn’t but simply because it was against the TOS. And there was (maybe still is?) the whole weirdness with Microsoft making Office free on devices under 10" only, in effect making it free on certain iPad and Surface devices yet not others.

Sorry I am not following. Which licensing issues you think will have impact on Parallels?

I’m pretty sure that won’t work - because you’ll be trying to run an x86 Windows on Apple Silicon which isn’t supported.
Needs to be an Arm version of Windows. ( How to run Intel Windows apps on an M1 Mac | ZDNet)

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Possibly that Arm windows isn’t licensed for use on M1, think it’s only a qualcom chips (can’t remember where I read that now)

yeah, you can install the arm ubuntu ant it works.

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There are ARM versions of most Linux distributions and they should work as VMs. Parallels has their product out already and VMWare is testing theirs.

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You are missing: on you Intel Mac you are running Itel Windows in the VM, on a M1 you need to be running ARM Windows.

I think what I will probably just load Windows on my old MacBook for the 3 times a year that I need windows.

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Just intrigued: what use-case is that?

Use Mac apps for most everything. Turbotax for Business is Windows only. Plus a crappy program to do Medicare Cost reports.