Partition manager for Catalina

I have an external (spinning) drive which has 3 partitions

  1. Time machine
  2. Dumping ground for some older files (backed up with backblaze)
  3. Clone of SSD (used by CCC)

I picked up a T5 over the weekend so no longer need partition 3 as the bootble clone now has a better (and tested) home.

I want to remove the old partition and split the data between the 2 other partitions and Disk Utility doesn’t seem to allow me to delete the old partition only re-format it.

Looking around there only seems to be Paragon and Stellar as reasonable products (gparted doesn’t support APFS) but neither of these have been updated for Catalina - think Stellar still talks about Sierra.

Anyone kmow of other products or something I’m missing in Disk utility?


Is the disk APFS? If so, APFS doesn’t think in terms of partitions, but volumes instead. In Disk Utility, if you right-click/ctrl-click the volume, you should see the option to delete it.

Hope that helps

Only bits of it are APFS, the TM has a seperate non-APFS partition.

If the CC clone is on an AFPS partition, you should be able to delete any volumes and then delete the APFS container. That should leave you with an empty partition that you can resize/remove

Stay away from Stellar…their stuff is nothing but trouble!

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I think because it was an APFS Container that only had the 1TB for the clone that I can remove that container but can’t add it into another container or add it on to the TM partition.

Maybe I need to trash to back the disk up trash and start again…

This walk-through might help