Password Manager - 1Password 8 is just not working for me

I just find 1password hard to use. I just want to click on the web site and then be logged in.

Right now I have to, almost every time, fiddle around with 1PW to get logged in.

Should I just go with the built in Apple Password manager and wait for the new FIDO Alliance to become available.

What do you recommend regarding a password manager these days. I have Set App

Bitwarden is the only decent alternative.

1Password is the best. If you can’t use it…boy… I don’t what to tell you!


Same here. I have loved 1P for many, many years, but in the last 12 months it seems to just be getting in the way, rather than making things easier. It has also lost its intuitiveness, which means diagnosing things is so much harder.

Apple Keychain would be the obvious replacement but… it’s UI is very hard to navigate. But I am dabbling with it.

LastPass had a security breach, which is kind of a deal breaker with a password manager…

Dashline is the other one that comes up, but I don’t know much about it.

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This is worth a look.

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I’m still using Strongbox on Mac and iPhone since switching away from 1Password before version 8 was released. But so what? Workflow with a password manager is a very personal thing and there is a lot of variation out there. The days of everyone recommending 1Password are over. I picked Strongbox after downloading many potential apps and trying them out to see if they worked in the way that I wanted to use them. Ease of conversion from 1Password to the new system was important, too.

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I’ve been using 1PW since ‘08 and know nothing about the new Keychain program. If you want something besides 1PW I’d recommending choosing an existing product.

According to 9to5 Mac there was 1 app and 3 websites using passkeys as of three weeks ago. So you have plenty of time to evaluate programs and make a decision.

I have used EnPass and Secrets. Enpass is very fully featured, but not terribly aesthetic - it works very well. Not sure what current pricing is (I’m grandfathered from years ago).

Secrets looks lovely and works well. Doesn’t have some of 1P’s bells and whistles, but I like it. My one negative is that the updat cycle seems slow - not really a problem as long as it works!

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I have yet to upgrade to 1Password v. 8, I’m sure I’ll be forced at some point.

The website linked provides overview of several dozen password managers (PWMs). Each seems to have their advantages and disadvantages. None of them seem good enough to make me jump ship.

One barrier to some PWMs is my need for cross platform operability, including Linux and iOS. Another barrier is family sharing with my partner. She’s becoming acclimated to using 1P, but there’s still a lot of overhead compared to using variations of the same password over and over. Perhaps the new authentication in iOS 16 and Ventura (which sound a bit like ssh keys) will help.

I do like that Bitwarden has a public community , bug bounty program, etc. I’m sure it’s not unique in this.

If you don’t need to share passwords with others (ie if you don’t use the family or team vaults in 1Password), and you’re solely an Apple user (and you have access to a Mac), I see genuinely no reason why you couldn’t switch to Apple’s Keychain entirely.

Keychain is a great product for a single person in that ecosystem.


@SteveU75 Do you know about the cmd+\ shortcut? It auto fills logins anywhere in macOS without having to mess with the main 1Password app.


and don’t use anything else except safari I guess.

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Admittedly, I am a 1PW user because of the family fault. Your Keychain can’t be accessed by third party apps and browsers? That’s very disappointing. I stand corrected, and thank you for righting this wrong. Wouldn’t have wanted to steer anybody the wrong way.

Keychain should be reasonably secure as long as you use a long complex logon password.

There is a chrome extension meant for windows users

I’m curious in what way it does not work for you? I find 1PW8 working better than 1PW7… but I must admit I did not use 1PW for long before 8 came out.

I use the client and also the browser extension for Safari and Chrome, but most of the time I use the shortcut for the Quick Access feature.

I tried giving up 1Password in favor of the built-in Apple password manager. This was a year ago before Monterey which I guess is somewhat better? Anyway, you can read my findings here: Back to 1Password

BTW, I love 1Password 8, it’s a great update and I find it totally worth the subscription price, which I can’t say about too many other pieces of software that I use.

And future proofed via Keepaass compatibility.

I use the Apple Keychain, and I am absolutely fine with that.

Isn’t this a “problem” with all Password Manager Apps?

Yes. And from what I’ve observed people normally use longer passwords with a dedicated password manager than they do to log into their mac.

In the case of 1password, for example, my password is more than 25 characters. That combined with the required 34 character ‘secret key’ create a key of approximately 60 characters that an attacker would need to crack.

Keychain is only protected by the users logon password. How many people do you know that use a 50+ character password on their Mac? I don’t. But all the sensitive info on my mac is individually encrypted.

IMO, password length is just something to think about when choosing where you store your passwords.

I liked it for the “minimalist” approach. Clean and simple, but I can’t leave 1PW.